Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kim Kardashians Face: Why did she ruining it

This is what Kim looked like in 2007.
3 years later??? It's obvious Kim ruined her face. Obvious. I'm not knocking her for her choice at all. It just shows that plastic surgery makes many in Hollywood look worse and isn't the best way to improve your looks and improve a brand based on nothing but looks. Kim's face now looks like Neytiri in Avatar rather than the girl who got famous for making a sex tape with Ray J.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Album(s) Reviews #2- End Of September Wrap-Up

Jay-Z-The Blueprint 3  -6 out of  10
Best Song: It doesn't matter with this album

The latest installment of the Blueprint series(which will be platinum by the time you read this) is adding on to the worst comeback attempt this side of Mason Betha. The symbolism of the Blueprint 3 (which I will not address) does not hold it up at all. This album is a clear commercial attempt. The legendary Jay-Z, who with a touch of a finger, has the clout to create epic masterpieces now. He doesn't need to make another "Blueprint", he needs to follow his original blueprint he mapped out in 1996: crafting creative narratives over some of the most amazing beats and without any true form or structure, crafted out an undisputed classic in Reasonable Doubt. I've heard this Jay-z much longer than I've heard the super MC version (I miss that guy). Do you really need Drake on your record? He's an artist who is basically following your lyrical "blueprint" and sucks bad at it. Sucks. Where's the album with Primo? RZA?Dr. Dre? Nas?Or something beyond hip-hop. Go their. Don't make me purge anymore listening to you fighting father time with your swagger, lack of originality, and use of lesser  talented contemporary music to stay relevant.

Centri -Article 15: The Rebel Knowledge Story-10 out of 10
Best Song: AWALL
My second 10 out of 10 album that goes to a Lenzmen member. Is it a biased opinion-hell no. My reasons are simple: they give a fuck about the music they put out. 

In Centri's first solo LP, the Lenzmen MC went completely in a different direction not seen in any of his songs on any prior Lenzmen projects. Where some might have thought they knew the full range of Centri's talents, they have no idea the limitless talent this man possess. Centri's energy cannot be matched, hands down; combined with an unmatched gift for lyrical talent. His storytelling is what makes the album the masterpiece that it is because  it is very visual . The journey he takes you on is one of great awaking, touching on a topic not covered fully in this capacity: the experience of a soldier in the US Army. His album could be one of the most important albums hip-hop history.

For more information on this album, go to  www. and

Monday, September 14, 2009

Was Kanye West outburst at the VMA's his version of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for MJ

Yes Kanye West is crazy. He's proven that over and over again. Yet his charm and talent has overshadowed the huge flaw in his character. However, after the VMA outburst that was heard round the world (taking Taylor Swift's moment as she won her 1st VMA award), it was exposed for the world to see.. It is one thing to have an opinion  on something, as a celebrity is faced to have less of an opinion in our society and instead is told to just "entertain". This isn't the 1960's when African-American and other entertainers and athletes spoke out against the injustices  faced in society. It(back in the 60's) was perceived as "poor" in one spectrum(wink), and empowering in another spectrum(wink). Kanye West didn't do that at the VMA's. I don't want his outburst to be likened to the anything Jim Brown did in the 60's(why I mentioned it earlier was to show how the medium of entertainer isn't used to evoke change in world conditions anymore, but to condition the world to spend their change on them), he did something very classless when he interrupted an acceptance speech to voice an opinion. He couldn't have waited till after the show to voice his opinion?????
It was ironic that my friend and I were reflecting on the famous ODB outburst where he interrupted the song of the year acceptance at the Grammy's about an hour before the VMA's and now Kanye stepped in the hyperbaric chamber: The beginning of his end. It's the Milli Vanilli tape getting stuck at a concert, Brenda leaving 90210, etc. Michael Jackson famously sent fake pictures and stories and tabloids to create attention which backfired and created the disrespect he faced later on in his life. Kanye knows his formula: he's done it before, he's an over-the-top individual suited for an over-the-top world where humans reign supreme. He's a calculating individual who knows how to get the best responses out of people. It's getting tired, but not only that, he was photographed with a bottle of Hennessy, which can raise suspicion to why he went AWALL like Centri (Centri of the Lenzmen's album review coming soon). My conclusion is still the same as it was before: Why didn't he wait till after the show to voice his opinion?????

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever to play. PERIOD!!!!!!!!! Part I

As Michael Jordan joins a memorable class into the Naismith Basketball (fellow Dream Team I teammates David Robinson and John Stockton; Coach Jerry Sloan and Coach C. Vivian Stringer), many debate that he is the greatest basketball player of all-time. What was once a cliched anointment as "the greatest player of all-time" when he retired from the Bulls in 1993 to play baseball, and in 1998 after he came back, struggled against Orlando in the 2nd round in the 1995 playoffs, and came back from that loss to win 3 consecutive NBA championship as the best player in the game, is coming under debate?? Lebron is projected to be better when he finishes his career, and Kobe Bryant is said to be better. And the legends of the game; the Big O's, the Wilts, the Russell's, the Jabbar's, the Magic's, and the Birds are said to be better. I'm here to dispel that without using a single stat of Jordan's but more of a character analysis to show why is superior than the above mentioned.

1. Lebron James- As physically imposing and intellectually superior (6'8" 260) he is on the offensive end of the court, he lacks basic basketball skills as shooting (his jump shot is not consistent), and  ball-handling (I've seen fourth graders with better dribbling displays than Lebron), and true defense skills that rely less on his athletic ability, but more on true defensive comprehension. Most importantly, he isn't tough enough. Part of that is a result of the League he's playing in: a softer(less physical) version of the NBA that the legends of yesteryear played in. Lebron couldn't mentally handle the Bad Boys of the late 80's and the Knicks in the early to mid 90's. The other part is he hasn't learned the difference from  playing hard and playing to destroy.

2. Kobe Bryant-The closest thing to Jordan we will ever see. He is technically(in terms of fundamentals) an advancement of what Jordan left us with in 98'(omitting 01-03 cause he wasn't in prime value).  He's a better 3-point shooter(because Jordan played in an era where it wasn't "live and die by the 3") and a better ball-handler ( a product of time's advancement of ball-handling), but here's the drawbacks: Kobe tries to emulate Jordan's competitive streak, but it isn't their. Jordan was cut from the varsity team in the 10th grade and never wanted to feel that hurt again. It put him over the edge competitively. He didn't shy away from challenges, he took them head on. As Kobe has gotten older, less and less you see him asserting his greatness amongst the other NBA players but rather letting reputation and past exploits do it rather than adding on to his reputation .

The Legends
1. Wilt Chamberlain- Flat out, the most dominant player ever to play (sorry Shaq). Wilt was a gifted athlete with strength unseen until the likes of Shaquille and Dwight Howard came into the league. He is the original Dwight Howard on many levels(which will explain why he's not greater than Mike). Wilt wasn't a winner to the same degree as Jordan, but when he did win, he won big.  Wilt's competitive streak was not even close to the degree of Jordan's; because once Jordan won a championship, he wanted to win them every year, and he literally did. Lastly, Jordan was a closer when it was necessary to win a game. Wilt wasn't.

2. Bill Russell-Flat out, the greatest winner, and most psychological player ever to play. He intimidated his opponents, and knew what it took to win. He even coached his team to championships. However, he knew how to get the most out of his players and his own talents, and wasn't even close to the level of Jordan.

3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar-Kareem dominated the NBA early, then tailored his performance for consistency until his decline became obvious to all. He wasn't the competitor, the talent, or athlete that Jordan was. But the skyhook is the most beautiful shot in basketball still.

4.Oscar Robertson- Oscar publicly said "Michael isn't the greatest. I am" Wrong. Wrong. Here's why: Oscar wasn't a winner. His individual greatness could not get his teams to championship's. He didn't have a Scottie Pippen, but did have Hall-Of-Famer Jack Twyman (look him up). Also, he wasn't a great defender, while Jordan (from 1984-93) was one of the best defenders in the NBA, and even after his comebacks,  he still guarded the best guys on the court and played great position defense.

5. Larry Bird-Larry was Michael Jordanesque in terms of intangibles(he was a better passer), competitive character, and winning. However, Michael won more with less talent and was a better athlete than Bird was, and most importantly, was healthier in the latter years of his career.

6. Magic Johnson- Magic was Jordanesque as well; intangibles, competitive character ( he was a much better passer than Jordan. He played like a true point guard at 6'9''). However, Jordan was even more competitive than Magic, and won more with less talent ( the Showtime Lakers were a stacked team).

There it is. The facts on why Michael Jordan was and always will be the best player ever to play. He lacked in certain area's of the guys that were mentioned above also, but he made up for it with the strongest mix of a competitive drive, basketball fundamentals, and athleticism the NBA will ever see. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Personal Thought On Trends................

The entire notion of "trends" should die. Many magazines in the fashion industry say "His or her look was last season, this season style or color is this or this". If something was good before, why isn't it good now. In the fitness industry, an exercise that was recognized as a standard, say 30 years ago, can be proven to have damaging effects as more research has been done  since the inception of that particular exercise (ex: sit-ups vs crunches, using more of the rectus abdomonis to lift on the crunch or sit-up rather than first channeling hip flexors to use as a lever to   lift you up, then targeting the rectus abdomonis) or the microwave: first seen as an efficient means of cooking is now seen as destructive for your overall health (It makes perfect sense to me because a full meal of food could not be cooked in 30 seconds without some type of trade-off????? That's understandable. But the fashion industry has a different approach: discredit something that was socially acceptable after a certain period of time, then wait a couple of years, wear it again or even better; wait till a celebrity does it(yeah that'll get em' on my side),  and then it is the norm. To the kids and so-called hipsters, fashionistas, fresh kids, or even better, the consumers, do what you truly want to do, and if you do wanna trend hop, fine. My fashion catalog has drastically changed in the last six years when I was the "proclaimed throwback jersey king", some of my fashion since has been innovative, some of it was following the times, I'll keep it real, but I'm still gonna rock a throwback, cause I like them, just not in a size 56 jersey that makes look like Alvin Seville. Just don't be the guy to discredit where you came from because if someone calls you out  about your credibility and you deny what your did prior and say you "were  never into that thing," when theirs pictures, video footage, etc., remember the truth always comes to light, so don't lie ( I'm your conscience).

Die Trends. Wear whatever the fuck you want

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Album(s) Review: Chaos Legion I & II

Dynamics Plus-Chaos Legion I & II-10 out of 10

"There may not be in the world an example of another genius so universal, so incapable of fulfilment, so full of yearning for the infinite, so naturally refined, so far ahead of his own century and the following centuries".- Hippolyte Taine, 1866,
famous French critic and historian, regarding the exploits of Leonardo Da Vinci.
 The same can be said for Lenzmen MC Dynamics Plus. Throughout his career, he's crafted numerous quotables, jaw-dropping concepts, and shown lyrically supremacy on each song on his albums. For his latest work, Chaos Legion I & II, the Lenzmen MC puts you in a world where a Saturday morning cartoon, role playing board/video game, and hip-hop collide into one gem of a project. The poetic tools on each give me a full understanding of this universe and this Chaos Legion, and each track is a 10 without a doubt. I consider it one of the best Hip-Hop albums in the last decade because of it's originality, but most importantly, the talent Dynamics Plus has to not let a strong concept overshadow his talent, but to let the talent reinforce the concept.

Album Release: Out Now. Go to

Album Review: Only Built For Cuban Linx II

Raekwon-Only Built For Cuban Linx II-6.5 out of 10

After waiting 14 years for one of my favorite  hip-hop albums of all-time(my personal top 3), I expected it to do something that most motion pictures fail to do-top the original a la Godfather II. Sadly, it didn't. The feel of the tracks were not their and didn't flow as the 1995 version did, as each track seemed caught in three eras: 1995, 1997, and 2004. I understand it's a different time and you cannot recapture the emotions of a period, but this entire piece gave me a feeling of just another album, not the sequel to Only Built For Cuban Linx. "Criminology 09", the sequel to "Criminology", lacked that intensity that Criminology should have.The gems on this album are "G-Hide" which I give a 10 and brings me back to that era I wanted to recapture on this record; "Ason Jones", a touching tribute to the late, great ODB; "We Will Rob You", and "Penitentiary", which I also give a 10. Those four tracks each give you a different feel, but also serve as what the album should have fed off of and what it could have sounded like it did. 

I'm not saying that Raekwon should try recreate each track of the original Cuban Linx, but instead he should have realized which album he was working on: Only Built For Cuban Linx II
Album Release: September 8, 2009