Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Album Review: Only Built For Cuban Linx II

Raekwon-Only Built For Cuban Linx II-6.5 out of 10

After waiting 14 years for one of my favorite  hip-hop albums of all-time(my personal top 3), I expected it to do something that most motion pictures fail to do-top the original a la Godfather II. Sadly, it didn't. The feel of the tracks were not their and didn't flow as the 1995 version did, as each track seemed caught in three eras: 1995, 1997, and 2004. I understand it's a different time and you cannot recapture the emotions of a period, but this entire piece gave me a feeling of just another album, not the sequel to Only Built For Cuban Linx. "Criminology 09", the sequel to "Criminology", lacked that intensity that Criminology should have.The gems on this album are "G-Hide" which I give a 10 and brings me back to that era I wanted to recapture on this record; "Ason Jones", a touching tribute to the late, great ODB; "We Will Rob You", and "Penitentiary", which I also give a 10. Those four tracks each give you a different feel, but also serve as what the album should have fed off of and what it could have sounded like it did. 

I'm not saying that Raekwon should try recreate each track of the original Cuban Linx, but instead he should have realized which album he was working on: Only Built For Cuban Linx II
Album Release: September 8, 2009

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