Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Album(s) Reviews #2- End Of September Wrap-Up

Jay-Z-The Blueprint 3  -6 out of  10
Best Song: It doesn't matter with this album

The latest installment of the Blueprint series(which will be platinum by the time you read this) is adding on to the worst comeback attempt this side of Mason Betha. The symbolism of the Blueprint 3 (which I will not address) does not hold it up at all. This album is a clear commercial attempt. The legendary Jay-Z, who with a touch of a finger, has the clout to create epic masterpieces now. He doesn't need to make another "Blueprint", he needs to follow his original blueprint he mapped out in 1996: crafting creative narratives over some of the most amazing beats and without any true form or structure, crafted out an undisputed classic in Reasonable Doubt. I've heard this Jay-z much longer than I've heard the super MC version (I miss that guy). Do you really need Drake on your record? He's an artist who is basically following your lyrical "blueprint" and sucks bad at it. Sucks. Where's the album with Primo? RZA?Dr. Dre? Nas?Or something beyond hip-hop. Go their. Don't make me purge anymore listening to you fighting father time with your swagger, lack of originality, and use of lesser  talented contemporary music to stay relevant.

Centri -Article 15: The Rebel Knowledge Story-10 out of 10
Best Song: AWALL
My second 10 out of 10 album that goes to a Lenzmen member. Is it a biased opinion-hell no. My reasons are simple: they give a fuck about the music they put out. 

In Centri's first solo LP, the Lenzmen MC went completely in a different direction not seen in any of his songs on any prior Lenzmen projects. Where some might have thought they knew the full range of Centri's talents, they have no idea the limitless talent this man possess. Centri's energy cannot be matched, hands down; combined with an unmatched gift for lyrical talent. His storytelling is what makes the album the masterpiece that it is because  it is very visual . The journey he takes you on is one of great awaking, touching on a topic not covered fully in this capacity: the experience of a soldier in the US Army. His album could be one of the most important albums hip-hop history.

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