Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Personal Thought On Trends................

The entire notion of "trends" should die. Many magazines in the fashion industry say "His or her look was last season, this season style or color is this or this". If something was good before, why isn't it good now. In the fitness industry, an exercise that was recognized as a standard, say 30 years ago, can be proven to have damaging effects as more research has been done  since the inception of that particular exercise (ex: sit-ups vs crunches, using more of the rectus abdomonis to lift on the crunch or sit-up rather than first channeling hip flexors to use as a lever to   lift you up, then targeting the rectus abdomonis) or the microwave: first seen as an efficient means of cooking is now seen as destructive for your overall health (It makes perfect sense to me because a full meal of food could not be cooked in 30 seconds without some type of trade-off????? That's understandable. But the fashion industry has a different approach: discredit something that was socially acceptable after a certain period of time, then wait a couple of years, wear it again or even better; wait till a celebrity does it(yeah that'll get em' on my side),  and then it is the norm. To the kids and so-called hipsters, fashionistas, fresh kids, or even better, the consumers, do what you truly want to do, and if you do wanna trend hop, fine. My fashion catalog has drastically changed in the last six years when I was the "proclaimed throwback jersey king", some of my fashion since has been innovative, some of it was following the times, I'll keep it real, but I'm still gonna rock a throwback, cause I like them, just not in a size 56 jersey that makes look like Alvin Seville. Just don't be the guy to discredit where you came from because if someone calls you out  about your credibility and you deny what your did prior and say you "were  never into that thing," when theirs pictures, video footage, etc., remember the truth always comes to light, so don't lie ( I'm your conscience).

Die Trends. Wear whatever the fuck you want

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