Monday, September 14, 2009

Was Kanye West outburst at the VMA's his version of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for MJ

Yes Kanye West is crazy. He's proven that over and over again. Yet his charm and talent has overshadowed the huge flaw in his character. However, after the VMA outburst that was heard round the world (taking Taylor Swift's moment as she won her 1st VMA award), it was exposed for the world to see.. It is one thing to have an opinion  on something, as a celebrity is faced to have less of an opinion in our society and instead is told to just "entertain". This isn't the 1960's when African-American and other entertainers and athletes spoke out against the injustices  faced in society. It(back in the 60's) was perceived as "poor" in one spectrum(wink), and empowering in another spectrum(wink). Kanye West didn't do that at the VMA's. I don't want his outburst to be likened to the anything Jim Brown did in the 60's(why I mentioned it earlier was to show how the medium of entertainer isn't used to evoke change in world conditions anymore, but to condition the world to spend their change on them), he did something very classless when he interrupted an acceptance speech to voice an opinion. He couldn't have waited till after the show to voice his opinion?????
It was ironic that my friend and I were reflecting on the famous ODB outburst where he interrupted the song of the year acceptance at the Grammy's about an hour before the VMA's and now Kanye stepped in the hyperbaric chamber: The beginning of his end. It's the Milli Vanilli tape getting stuck at a concert, Brenda leaving 90210, etc. Michael Jackson famously sent fake pictures and stories and tabloids to create attention which backfired and created the disrespect he faced later on in his life. Kanye knows his formula: he's done it before, he's an over-the-top individual suited for an over-the-top world where humans reign supreme. He's a calculating individual who knows how to get the best responses out of people. It's getting tired, but not only that, he was photographed with a bottle of Hennessy, which can raise suspicion to why he went AWALL like Centri (Centri of the Lenzmen's album review coming soon). My conclusion is still the same as it was before: Why didn't he wait till after the show to voice his opinion?????

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